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The village of Ars en Ré at Ile de Ré


Ars-en-Ré is one of the charming villages typical of the Ile de Ré. Located on the southwest coast of the island, 22 km to west of Sainte Marie de Ré and 4 km to the west of Saint Clément les Baleines, it is also among the villages not to be missed on the island of re.

The village of Ars-en-Ré is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Fier d’Ars Sea on its southern coast and by the salt marshes to the north. The landscapes that will be open to your eyes will be those of salt marshes with market garden crops and vines. In this Rhétais village, you can admire a preserved nature where exceptional fauna and flora are hidden, as only found on the Ile de Ré.

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But Ars-en-Ré, it is also one of the most beautiful Villages in France. It owes this status to its character and remarkable heritage. It is home to the most important port on Ile de Ré. The old houses and residences also give it a certain charm. The period monuments and daily markets accentuate the character of this typical village.

In short, Ars-en-Ré is a privileged holiday destination for those who seek peace and quiet in the heart of nature and in the traditional countryside setting not to be missed during your holidays in camping on the Ile de Re.

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To be visited at Ars en Ré

The village of Ars en Ré is built around its church. The visit of the church with its black and white bell tower is a must. This monument, combining a half Romanesque and half Gothic style, is a real masterpiece to discover during your visit. Discover the inside of the bell tower to see the carpentry work and admire the city and the sea. At that time, this bell tower was used as a guide for the ships that had to moor in its port. The colour was then visible and easily recognizable by the sailors. This navigation guide is still useful today.

You will also enjoy visiting the village of Ars-en-Ré with its white houses with traditional green shutters, which has earned the Ile de Ré the nickname white island. The hollyhocks in addition come to enhance their charms. You will continue your discovery by strolling along its alleys to admire the gardens, especially that of the Maison du Sénéchal, dating from the 16th century with its decorative corner turret.

During the market days, every day in summer and Tuesdays and Fridays the rest of the year, you will have the pleasure of discovering the richness of the Ars-en-Ré terroir, the products of market gardening, oyster and saliculture parks are displayed there. Discover many other local products that you can taste on site.

Also Take advantage of your visit to visit the salt marshes and oyster beds. The Eightrière of Ré is open to the public to learn more about oyster farming. The Moulins de la Boire, which are the last three traditional windmills of the village, are also worth a visit.

The cycle paths and hiking trails from the port are ideal for admiring the unspoilt nature of this small village on the island of Ré. Admire the birds and other animals that inhabit the salt marshes and discover the exceptional landscapes along the way.

On the other hand, Ars-en-Ré does not offer great opportunities for beach and sea lovers. The two beaches of the village will suit those who are looking for the greatest calm. If there is only the official beach of the village and a fishing foreshore on foot in Ars-en-Ré, you can always relax in one of its thalassotherapy centres during your stay.

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