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The village of Loix on the Île de Ré

Location of Loix en ré on the Ile de Re

Loix en Ré is located on the north coast of the Island of Ré. It is the smallest village on the Il de Ré in terms of area but not the least as a tourist destination, particularly thanks to the campsites.
Nestled in the middle of the salt marshes, the latter form the characteristic landscapes of this peninsula. Loix en Ré is bordered by nearly 14 km of coastline with the Atlantic and Fier d’Ars on one side, and the salt pans on the other side. Its shape imitating an island on an island surprises visitors.

view of the sky Ile Ré near camping

The village of Loix is also appreciated for its peaceful and authentic environment. The village spirit that reigns in this rural setting between land and sea guarantees you a real change of scenery during your holidays camping on the Ile de Ré. Its preserved environment makes it a destination not to be missed on the Ile de Ré.

loix en Ré camping Varennes

During your visit to the peninsula, the discovery of the salt marshes and the flowering alleys is essential. You will also be able to appreciate the richness and variety of its fauna and flora, a unique site.

The happiness of life is also to be found at Le Loix en Ré. Every day, the shops and various activities add a friendly atmosphere to this peaceful haven. At the same time, you will be close to the villages of the Ile de Ré. The Couarde sur Mer is 3.5 km away, the Portes en Ré at 5 km and Le Bois-Plage at 5.5 km.

To be visited in Loixen Ré

The Ecomuseum of Salt Marshes is one of the emblematic sites of Loix en Ré.
A visit to this museum will introduce you to the history of salt marshes and the salt production process, which has been used for centuries by salt workers.
You can then continue your visit through the salt marshes, its fauna and flora typical of the Rhetais marshes.

You can’t miss the Eglise Sainte Catherine de Loix with its square bell tower.
Along the flowered alleys, you will reach its square while admiring the typical houses of Loaise. Arrived on its square and the nearby market, you are in the heart of the village. The tidal mill, further back from the village and the small port are also ideas to visit.

Camping Loix en Ré

The picturesque Fort de Gouin, located on the pointe de Gouin, near the Loix en Ré pit, is also a must-see monument. The beach is particularly pleasant there.

Lovers of the outdoors, go on the cycle paths and discovery trails to admire more closely the beauty and authenticity of this Rhétais village. You can head towards the coast or the marshes or go to the surrounding villages. To find serenity, in front of the ocean, these walks are ideal. The peninsula is also calm.

From Loix en Ré, you can of course visit the major sites of the island of Ré: the Whale Lighthouse, the Tour des Prises or even La Rochelle.

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