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Aquarium of La Rochelle

A must-do activity in Charente-Maritime

After Futuroscope, the aquarium of La Rochelle is in second place in terms of number of visits as a tourist site in Poitou-Charentes. Both entertaining and informative, it is an essential visit during your stay on the ile de ré in this beautiful port city.

In the city centre, facing the Old Port, the aquarium of La Rochelle, one of the largest private aquariums in Europe, will certainly delight young and old. For 2 hours, visit the heart of the oceans, meet more than 12,000 marine animals, and let yourself be surprised by the biodiversity of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Tropics.
Take advantage of your family holidays on the Il of Ré to visit the famous Aquarium de La Rochelle.

La Rochelle Aquarium campsite Varennes

In 3 million litres of seawater, from fragile jellyfish to fascinating sharks, the aquarium of La Rochelle offers you a unique journey to dream and understand the sea.

Poitou Charentes Aquarium

Guided tour of the Aquarium

To meet more than 10,000 specimens from the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Oceans, it takes about two and a half hours to visit.
Dive into the aquatic world with a moving submarine cell, putting you in condition right away.
You then enter a dark cylindrical tunnel, surrounded on all sides by hundreds of phosphorescent jellyfish.

You then enter the section of the aquarium dedicated to Atlantic Ocean species. This section takes you on a journey of discovery of starfish, shrimp, mussels, mules and other red mullets.
The room dedicated to the foreshore teaches you how this stretch of coastline works, which, depending on the tides, is sometimes discovered, sometimes covered by the sea.

Continue the visit by heading south to discover the species that live in the Mediterranean Sea. In a “Mediterranean cave”, aquariums are installed in a cozy space with rock-like walls. You will be dazzled by the many bright and varied coloured fish. This part also houses an octopus, to be discovered if the latter so wishes.

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Stop in the ocean stands to observe the great basin making the transition from the Mediterranean to the Indo-Pacific region before accessing the first floor of the aquarium.
You will also see the evolution of deep-sea fish: caranges, guitar rays, barracudas, etc.
On the first floor, you will have the chance to see a real play of colours with fish from the warm seas of the globe.
You can start in the Caribbean room, where a mangrove is reconstructed. You will then observe colourful and surprising species, such as a huge green moray eel, or the small fish known as strawberry vanilla, due to the colour of their scales, pink at the front and yellow at the back.
Angels fish, of a very bright silver colour, are found in another aquarium on the first floor.

A must visit to La Rochelle
sturgeon aquarium La Rochelle

Then pass through the turquoise waters of the lagoon, where one of the fish kings of the aquarium is located: the napoleon. Then move on to the Indo-Pacific region where you can discover the corals and fish specific to these reefs. Diadem sea urchins, blue damsels and clown fish are some of the species you may encounter.

Before completing the tour, take a detour into the dark room where ultraviolet lights reveal the incredible colours of the corals. In a basin of 1.5 million litres of seawater, about twenty sharks live there. You may discover various types of sharks that are very impressive.

And finally, dive into the warm and humid atmosphere of the tropical forest. Thanks to a suspension bridge, you can access a garden with lush vegetation, as well as waterfalls to put you even more in the mood.


The aquarium of La Rochelle is open every day of the year, including public holidays! From October to March, you can go there from 10am to 8pm. From April to June and in September, it opens its doors from 9am to 8pm. And finally, during the summer period, the aquarium is accessible from 9am to 11pm. It should be noted that the last entries are to be expected 1h30 before closing.

For an open house, the ticket costs 16 euros for adults, 13.50 euros for students, 12 euros for children, 17 years old included, and free for children under 3 years old. You must add 3 euros per adult and junior for an audioguide supplement, and 2 euros for children from 4 to 11 years old.

For adults with reduced mobility, the entrance ticket price is 13 euros, and 9 euros for children in this situation. Large families, consisting of at least two adults and three paying children, will receive a €2 discount on each ticket.

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