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Cooperative Sauniers of the Ile de Ré

A must for your vacation at ile de Ré, the cooperative of the sauniers of the ile de Ré welcomes you to its production site in Ars en Ré to make you discover the route of salt and fleur de sel after harvest.
From the storage area to the packaging workshop and screening, she invites you to follow their Ecomuseum partner guide who will accompany you throughout the visit and introduce you to the operation of the cooperative, its history, its know-how and its quality requirements.
And in order to know everything about the salt of the Ile de Ré, take the opportunity to complete this tour with a visit to the salt marshes!

Coopérative des Sauniers Ile de Ré

Small history of the Île de Ré cooperative

The island of Ré and salt have a long common history. It began with the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Michel en l’Herm who developed the marshes in the 15th century. Long indispensable for food preservation, salt is the subject of flourishing trade with the countries of Northern Europe.
At the beginning of the century, salt sells poorly… It remains several years on the bumps of the marshes or is sold off by unscrupulous traders… Faced with this situation, the Sauniers de l’Île de Ré decided to form a union in 1933 and then a cooperative in 1942. They manage to pool storage and marketing resources, and then control salt prices, which fluctuate too much with the years.

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The product range of the cooperative of sauniers de l’Île de Ré

A cooperative of local producers for nearly a century, the sauniers of Ile de Ré guarantee the origin and authenticity of their sea salts. All year round, come and discover the products at the Sauniers hut on Ile de Ré. Indeed, the cooperative offers its customers more than 40 different products under the signature “Les Sauniers de l’île de Ré”. It offers the traditional Gros Sel Gris, ideal for cooking and meat or fish in salt crust, the Flower de Sel so delicate and refined, essential on all good tables, but also fine salt and coarse salt with herbs.

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