The Poitevin Marsh
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The Poitevin Marsh

A unique landscape

Go to the Marais Poitevin, from your tourist visit of the île de Ré, which will make you discover its treasures: the “Venise Verte” near Niort, Coulon, the dry marsh, the bay of Aiguillon.
Formerly a sea gulf, the Marais Poitou is one of the most beautiful landscapes shaped by man.
Located 1 hour from La Rochelle, Futuroscope, Puy du Fou, Cognac, the Marais Poitevin extends over 112,000 hectares of canals and intertwined nature.
It is divided into three areas: the coastal zone, the dry marsh dedicated to agriculture and the wet marsh also known as “Green Venice”.

Poitevin Ile de Ré Marsh

The second largest wetland in France after the Camargue, the Marais Poitevin regained its label of “Regional Natural Park” in June 2014 and presents itself as the “ecotourism” destination par excellence.
Many jetties await you to discover the “water trails” of the Green Venice. In the shade of the pollarded ash trees, the platforms led by boatmen will take you, if you wish, to the majestic gates of the Abbey of the Marais in Maillezais.

Discovery of the Poitevin Marsh

Discover the Marais Poitevin

To discover the Poitou Marsh is to meet in turn the famous “Venise Verte” near Niort, the dried-up marsh between small bridges and locks, then the bay of Aiguillon and its splendid nature reserve.
It offers you three different landscapes, but everywhere the same feeling of tranquility and serenity invades you.
Many adjectives such as unusual, exotic, wonderful…. describe boat trips in the Marais Poitevin.
Offered without a guide or with a guide, these two walking offers are not comparable.

To fully enjoy your walk, prefer departures in the early morning or late afternoon. Indeed, during these periods, the light is more beautiful and there are far fewer people in the marsh.

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Roussille lock Poitou marshland
view of the high Poitou marshland
activities in the Poitou marshes

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